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  • Scuba Diver:
    • Class:
      • May 9,10
      • May 16,17
    • Nitrox:
      • May 15
    • Checkout dives:
      • May 23,24

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Liquivision Lynx AI Computer

The only dive computer that combines the exceptional readability of an OLED screen with wireless air integration and our intuitive patented menu-based tap navigation. It is all you ever wanted, all you ever needed and more:

  • Allows up to 3 gases (air and nitrox 21-100%)
  • Monitoring of air supply and location of up to 10 divers within a range of up to 330 ft / 100m
  • Digital compass
  • Dive planner and dive simulator
  • Dive logging
  • Visual indicators of air-time remaining
  • Find your way back to the boat*
  • Receive messages from the boat operator**
  • Bungee & stretchy strap included
  • Computer connectivity (PC/Mac)
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Liquivision Lynx AI

SeaLife Micro HD

The first permanently sealed underwater camera

Capture the tranquil beauty of the undersea world with the first permanently sealed, flood-proof underwater camera. The Micro HD has no doors or openings that could possibly leak. With 16GB of onboard memory and a high capacity internal battery, there's no need for memory cards, batteries, O-rings, or maintenance.

Packed with features

Small and ergonomic, the Micro HD camera is easy to handle underwater, operating with three wide “Piano Key” controls. With colorful 13MP still images, full 1080p HD video and a built-in 140-degree Fisheye Lens, the Micro HD provides everything needed to capture and share your underwater encounters down to 200 feet/60 meters.

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Oceanic VTX Computer

The future of personal dive computers powered by OLED color display and Bluetooth technology has arrived. Oceanic is proud to introduce the VTX.

With an easy-to-use interface, amazing readability, powerful features, and simplicity at its core, VTX is the new benchmark for modern dive computer design.

  • ultra-bright high contrast full color OLED Display
  • first dive computer engineered to take full advantage of Bluetooth 4.0 technology
  • new, intuitive menu structure of the VTX makes managing your settings on the fly and interfacing with the unit during a dive a thing of beauty
  • Pelagic DSAT safely maximizes dive times for repetitive, multi-level recreational diving

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Oceanic DataMask HUD

Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything. The DataMask is not just about having a computer in your mask it is about the many practical benefits provided by truly Hands-Free diving.

The miniature LCD allows you to keep your eyes focused on the dive while presenting critical dive data including: current depth, elapsed dive time, cylinder pressure, and dive time remaining. The Digital Optic System provides a clear, highly magnified image of the LCD, which is viewable regardless of environmental conditions and may be seen clearly by the vast majority of people, regardless of vision.

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Intova Edge X

INTOVA Edge X Camera
*Coming soon

Compact and full featured, EDGE X offers 1080p High Definition video up to 60 frames per second with a 160 degree wide angle lens.

Waterproof to 200 feet, the housing includes buttons for full camera control in any environment.

Built in WiFi allows the user to operate and see what is on the viewfinder remotely on a laptop, tablet, or smart phone and also to enable wireless file transfer.

Intova’s unique and patented Unibody design builds the electronics directly into the compact housing. The housing is constructed of rugged polycarbonate with a rubberized armor coating.

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Extension Pole

Provides extended reach for mounted camera. Also can be used as a monopod. Features aluminum, stainless steel and plastic construction with 3 pivot points. Length unextended is 20.5” / 52cm, maximum length extended is 63” / 160cm. Weight 12.5 oz. Model# EXTP-01

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Atomic Blade Fins

Atomic Bladefins In-Stock

  • Power and thrust that only a paddle fin design can provide divers to cruise through the water.
  • Unique structural engineering combines both Power-Loop Monocoque and Frame Rail designs to maximize kicking power.
  • Vertical stabilizers on fin tips keep the fin tracking straight up and down with every kick.
  • Wicked fin and buckle styling for a distinctive look that perfectly complements the Atomic VENOM mask and SV Series snorkel

Atomic Cobalt 2 In-Stock

The Cobalt 2 is the newest release of our new generation of dive computers that are easy to use, easy to read and totally intuitive.

The Cobalt 2 features a newer more powerful microprocessor, faster compass response and new user options such as auto screen brightness. User selectable gas switches are increased from 3 to six mixes.

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Cressi Giotto In-Stock

The Cressi Giotto has a new algorithm created through a collaboration between Cressi and Bruce Wienke based on the Haldane model, integrated with RGBM factors for safe decompression calculations in repetitive multi-day dives and with mixtures.

The software handles two different hyper-oxygenated mixtures, which can be selected during the dive.

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